Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Trek pics

Will write a detailed trek report soon. Meanwhile, have a look at my trek pics:

click here: http://community.webshots.com/user/vivek1512_5

India Trip - Part II

SO reached India on the 26th. It was a very good Air- India flight. I had heard some very bad feedbacks about Air-India, but was pleasantly surprised at their service. Apart from excellent food, Air- India provides a lot of leg space to relax, and you don’t get cramped up at all. I was still very fresh after 18 hour continuous flight. Secondly, being a non-stop flight, you reach India in considerably short time (18 hours). I will definitely fly AI next time, if it’s not too expensive.

Mumbai was hot. And unbearably humid. One feels continuous discomfort, especially in day time after being used to coolers and air-conditioners in US. Fortunately there are lots of new malls, and Baristas and CCDs. I preferred meeting my friends at such places than meeting outside.

Anyways, this trip was special of sorts. Apart from the trek (will put a detailed report soon), got to experience everything.... from wedding to funerals, and from street fights to dinners in posh hotels. Had real fun in past 20 days. Met a few old friends, revived friendship with a few... and what not. Ate lots of fish and mutton and chicken and sweets and snacks. Delicious food, excellent trek, some nice friends, and spending few days with parents... what else does one want from a 35 day India trip?...

All in all was indeed a great trip. I feel like being reenergized and fresh for my studies and for my life overall. This trip showed me a way to live life happily. And I consider that as a big lesson in life.

More later

Monday, June 06, 2005

India Trip (25th April to 3rd June)

Well, should have put this up long back. Tried to upload it from India... but as you know...

Anyways, it all happened suddenly and in span of just 4-5 days. Let me get back to 2nd week of April: I had just confirmed my admission to Case Western Reserve University for PhD in Biomedical Engineering, rejecting other 2 admits I had. It was kind of tough decision as I had assistantship and funding from all 3. But chose Case as it gives me an opportunity to do research at one of the best medical research schools in the world + had a fellowship with healthy stipend. It was an offer I could not reject :). I decided to join Case in June itself as it would give me couple of more months for work and to settle down in Cleveland.

So after all formalities were completed, I had a break for more than a month. I was talking to Madhuri about how to spend time and all, and she said why don't you go to India and do a nice trek? It sounded interesting. It was something I had thought long back... when I was dreaming about my dream vacations. So I googled and contacted a few friends in India to see if there were some nice Himalayalan treks being organized in May, and indeed there were a few. It sounded feasible and interesting too. Then I enquired about tickets and surprisingly they were within my budget! Then thought, why not!!... Dreams sometimes come true. So, let’s make this trip.

I got tickets on the 20th and I flew on the 25th. It was bit too hectic to pack up everything as I was leaving Clemson for good. But you never feel tired while leaving for India. So somehow managed everything. And I was off to India....

(Continued in part 2)