Thursday, April 07, 2005

Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, Zakir Hussein

It was the moment of ecstasy, an extreme pleasure to be there at the Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma- Zakir Hussein concert at Atlanta last weekend. It was a wonderful display of Indian classical music and Indian culture.

Panditji is a maestro of Santoor; no one gets better than him. He was at his best on that day, literally creating magic out of those 100 strings. He received spontaneous applauses so many times, and not to mention standing ovations. And to have another genius like Zakir Hussein as an accomplice was something!!

This was my 3rd Zakir Hussein concert, and first time I saw him being overshadowed by someone else on sheer class and persona. I guess it’s to do with seniority and class of Shiv Kumar Sharma. But still, he had his own moments. I would say that Zakir was man of the match on many occasions, but Panditji was man of the series.

Will remember this concert for long long time.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Mobile Chess

Am addicted to playing chess on my Samsung X427 off late. I win 5 times before going to bed. :D.

I guess whoever designed, programmed, coded this version must be an absolute d*mba*s!!!. It was the stupidest opponent I have come across. Mind you, before this I rarely played chess, and had not won a single game till a week or so back. One day, just out of sheer boredom of standing at a bus stop, I started with this stuff. It has 3 levels of "difficulties"... easy, normal, and hard. But I guess the easy one is smarter than the hard one and basically all keep making stupidest mistakes.

It is impossible to be on a loosing side. I even tried to loose, but I guess it is not programmed that way at all. Means, you cannot loose, and the mobile cannot win. It must be a part of excellent customer satisfaction I guess.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for such momentary pleasures, like winning 3 games in 15 minutes, Samsung X-427 is there for you!!