Thursday, July 29, 2004

I wish...

I wish I was good in writing... sometimes feel as if I want to express myself... just I just cant do that and feel suffocated at the end of the day :(. I will still keep trying. I am not the ones who give up easily. One day... I will be a good writer.

One day!!!

There is one beautiful chick sitting in front of me... man... she is stunning!!!! I cant take my eyes off from her *****.

I will try writing stuff sometime later. Not possible now. C ya for now.

Monday, July 26, 2004

probably a last blog!!

Man!!!!.. these blogs suck bad time!!!!!

I tried to write something a few times... but then thought: whos going to read it?... even if someone reads it, is that going to make sense to him?... why should it make any sense to him when he has no background of whats going on at that moment???...

I guess I am too lazy to put new blogs every day. I will definitely come back when something really interesting happens in my life.

I promise!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

An urge to do something for them...

Last Saturday, I was looking at a video made by Aarthi when she visited a village in India that we [Association of India's Development (AID)- Clemson Chapter] are sponsoring ( Visit:, if you want to know more about what we do) . I felt bad to see some of the kids who were badly malnutritioned and were in a sorry state. Worse part was that their parents were not much bothered about it.

It really makes me think about my country.

When I was in India, I was never concerned about looking beyond myself. I was very happy enjoying my day-to-day activities. Its a general attitude amongst many of us... why to bother about things that are not directly related to us?... I was one of those.

It was winter of 2001... some of us started discussing about children in remote villages in India ( mine is one like that, even though I rarely go there ) who do not get any kind of exposure of today's world. They are denied an opportunity to get quality education just because their parents do not have that much of money/ they do not realize the importance of education. Many of such kids waste their lives in doing odd jobs in their villages. We thought of doing something about it from our side. Afterall, its not a fault of those children that they are not sent to school.

Most of us were in our early 20s that time, had just passed out of short,  we did not have too much of monetory support. But still we started a Student Adoption Scheme (SAS)... to help some children with their education ( books, school fees, uniforms,  etc). We collected some money from people we knew and they thankfully trusted us. Our ideas were clear and we knew what we were doing. In it's first year, we sponsored 10 kids, and we were very proud of ourselves that we were contributing in some way towards our community. 3 years back, SAS was a huge success in itself.

Then I came to United States. SAS is still going strong, this year we sponsored 48 students. Sadly, being in USA,  I am not of much help to them today.

first blog

I dont know why I am typing this stuff!!... Normally speaking, I am too lazy to write something about me and my life everyday. First of all, being at a place called Clemson, nothing spectacular happens in life anyways. On top of that, even if something happens, say, for example, I go for a date with a girl,  and she slaps me afterwards... why the hell should I let everyone in this world know about it?... I mean.. why?.. right?

But then I have couple of friends, who have nothing to do nowadays.  They are useless people. So they write these blogs, and on top of that they send it's link to everyone who exists on mother earth ( english translation of dhaarti maa!!!). So I had to read that, and I liked it. I mean, nothing extraordinary about it, but its fun to read about whats happening in someone else's life, and I thought that it would be fun to write such stuff too.

So I thought "why not me?".. I mean... not that Bush and Kerry are going to read it... but... lets try.. what say?