Wednesday, July 21, 2004

first blog

I dont know why I am typing this stuff!!... Normally speaking, I am too lazy to write something about me and my life everyday. First of all, being at a place called Clemson, nothing spectacular happens in life anyways. On top of that, even if something happens, say, for example, I go for a date with a girl,  and she slaps me afterwards... why the hell should I let everyone in this world know about it?... I mean.. why?.. right?

But then I have couple of friends, who have nothing to do nowadays.  They are useless people. So they write these blogs, and on top of that they send it's link to everyone who exists on mother earth ( english translation of dhaarti maa!!!). So I had to read that, and I liked it. I mean, nothing extraordinary about it, but its fun to read about whats happening in someone else's life, and I thought that it would be fun to write such stuff too.

So I thought "why not me?".. I mean... not that Bush and Kerry are going to read it... but... lets try.. what say?

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