Friday, April 01, 2005

Mobile Chess

Am addicted to playing chess on my Samsung X427 off late. I win 5 times before going to bed. :D.

I guess whoever designed, programmed, coded this version must be an absolute d*mba*s!!!. It was the stupidest opponent I have come across. Mind you, before this I rarely played chess, and had not won a single game till a week or so back. One day, just out of sheer boredom of standing at a bus stop, I started with this stuff. It has 3 levels of "difficulties"... easy, normal, and hard. But I guess the easy one is smarter than the hard one and basically all keep making stupidest mistakes.

It is impossible to be on a loosing side. I even tried to loose, but I guess it is not programmed that way at all. Means, you cannot loose, and the mobile cannot win. It must be a part of excellent customer satisfaction I guess.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for such momentary pleasures, like winning 3 games in 15 minutes, Samsung X-427 is there for you!!

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