Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Falls Creek Trek and Camping in Smokies

Falls creek trail:

It was Saturday and we were all set for an exciting, adventurous hike. I don’t know why I chose this trail... Not much information is available about this place and hardly anyone goes there. But then what’s the fun in having a safe, predictable hike?... so thought of having some adventure.

This hike is weird, its crazy and its mysterious. First of all, there is no defined trail as such. That means wherever you go, it becomes your trail... you just have to remember how to come back. The jungle is dense, thick and it leaves no space for sunrays to reach the ground. Everything is wet, and covered with moss. The wood is spongy and the moment you step on it... it breaks down. The space is filled with unpleasant smell of rotten trees, uneasy wetness and some weird noises made by insects. And in midst of it, flows the creek... which transforms into a waterfall every now and then.

It was fun to walk thru that. We lost our way quite a few times, but the creek helped us in keeping track with the direction. The view of the waterfalls and the creek itself was quite amazing and slippery at a few places and gave us plenty of opportunity to show our trekking skills.

After 4 hours of hike, we were back with innumerous bruises, muddy clothes, tired body and very fresh mind.

All in all, its an excellent place for an experienced trekker, especially if you like a bit of spice in life; but i wont recommend it some an armature.

Photos are available here: http://community.webshots.com/album/210810372xDhIUB


After a very hectic trek, I was not too keen to go to smokies on a very next day, but ISA needed someone who could drive a van. One of my friends asked if I could do that..

One really can’t say no to smokies. It’s my fourth trip to this Blue ridge Mountain range... and i am not yet satisfied. How beautiful can nature be!!!.... It’s almost like heaven. This place reminds me of manali. This place looks similar to what bhimashankar jungle looks in july-august and the panoramic view as beautiful as harishchandragad's konkan kada.
It doesnt get much better than this.

If God asks me "when and where would you like to rest forever"... my answer would be: " if it's smokies or harishchandragad, I am ready to die even right now". I dont mind living at such a beautiful place rather than living in lifeless cities.

Had a lot of fun in this trip. There were some weirdoes who were at their craziest best, and kept people laughing for 2 days. It was fun... a lot of fun.

Hope to have couple of hikes before winter starts.

Photos are available here: http://community.webshots.com/album/210820741XDaeXJ


Air said...

Kool pics Dude ... which cam you are using?


Anonymous said...

FujiPix A303.