Monday, February 21, 2005

Catching Up!!

I don’t write too often nowadays. Don’t have that much leisure time for all my hobbies and interests. Life is moving at a very fast pace. Since February, rarely has it happened that I have nothing to do. I am enjoying this new phase, as I like to be busy.... sometimes its good to keep your brain working overtime ;).

Got an admit from University of Pittsburgh, for PhD in Bioengineering. This is one school I would be proud to associate myself with, as they have really interesting projects and a very senior faculty. I am visiting the department this weekend. Hoping to meet few professors. I would also be going to Case Western Reserve Univ. at Cleveland before that, for an interview for PhD admissions. It feels good to see all the hard work (which started long way back in September) paying off bit by bit. Am very positive and excited about this trip. Let’s see what happens.

Apart from that, February appears to be a month of interviews. Have had a few telephonic ones and one on-site at Boston. Things are finally happening thick and fast. It was a very good experience, in more than one ways. I learnt a lot in past month or so. I had done a good homework for these interviews, and it always helps to be well prepared. Did well from my side, exceeded my own expectations. Let’s see what the output is. Working hard is something in my hands; the ultimate output is not really what I can decide. But I believe I have done my job well... and that itself gives me a lot of happiness.

But still, what holds in my future is a mystery for myself. I myself don't have an answer and feel out of clues sometimes. It feels as if I am a puppet, and strings of my future are with someone else, and I am just dancing to his tunes. Sometimes feel as if I myself am that puppeteer, who’s holding all these strings and doing the balancing act. Its funny feeling and its funnier to be in this ‘avalanche’ situation, but hopefully its taking me in right direction.

That’s it for the moment from my side at the moment. Will surely post if and when something new and exciting happens in life.

Signing off,

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