Monday, February 20, 2006

Those "in between" times

What do you "think" in those "in-between" times?

Throughout the day, we keep doing different things; but there are some things that we do subconsciously, and we really don't need to apply our brain for them. We kinda go through motions. Our brain doesn't keep track of the things happening around us. Our brain is working, but we don't exactly remember what we were doing. What do we think during that time?. What does our brain do?

I don't have a definite answer for this one, so please drop a comment if you have one.

What do we (i.e. our brain) think when we:

1: Walk through a corridor or on a daily route
2: Take bath
3: Drive alone on an empty interstate
4: Take a pee
5: Take a dump
6: Tie our shoes
7: Stare at a computer screen
8: Attend a boring lecture or seminar
9: Get ready to sleep, just after hitting bed
10: Make a call and wait for the other person to pick it up
11: Eat
12: Wash dishes
13: Stand in a queue
14: Ogle at a girl
15: Listen to music

Any thoughts?

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Linda Zhang said...

WOW you have been keeping blogs, and you never told me!! You're right-- I've been neglecting my blog and I feel bad about it. It's not that I have forgotten about it completely... I have gone and sat down quite a couple of times, but I just don't have much to talk about recently. Anyway, I'm going to leave a comment (yay!)

What do I think when I:

1) "I wonder who I will see at the end of this corridor. Will it be someone I know? Will they say hi? Oh no, what if its Dr. Durand? Will he even look at me?"

2) "My shampoo smells good. Guys like to smell my hair. Yay for Herbal Essence. I like hot water. I love showers."

3) Oh man, I think about a billion things. This is one of those times where my mind races from thinking about school, family, boyfriends, friends, ex-boyfriends, my life, my future, the car in front of me, what lunch I should get, etc etc etc!!!

4) "I hate taking pees. They're a waste of energy and time."

5) "I wonder whether its a big one or little one."

6) "I will never grow out of doing my bunny-ear tie method."

7) "I am such a procrastinator, oh my god."

8) "I hope I don't fall asleep. Why did I sit in the front? My professor will hate me. I'm going to close my eyes... ahh no.... damn it.... time to pinch myself.... zzzzzzzzz"

9) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

10) "I wonder whether they'll pick up. I wonder what they are doing? Are they screening my call? Are they doing homework? Are they just hanging around? I wonder what I should leave for their voicemail..."

11) "This is yummy. I love food."

12) Du du du du, soap soap soap soap, hot water, ah, how relaxing.

13) "Should I make conversation with the random person next to me? I am bored. Maybe I should start talking.... I AM BORED."

14) I don't ogle at girls. Except if they're extremely hot or confident. Then I think: "Man, I wish I can exude that much confidence."

15) I think about everything when I listen to music too... but mostly about friends, relationship, love, and related to people.

Yay, that was fun. Good brainstorming. :)