Friday, March 03, 2006


I know I am going gung-ho off late and blogging about complexities in life. Its not all about nothing, it all about something. And they are getting more serious (and obviously boring for readers, I guess) these days...

Actually, I am in a very relaxed state of mind these days.. there is a certain feel good factor and contentment with day-to-day life; and am thinking totally differently than what I have been writing in my blogs.


I had thought (and sometimes still think) a lot about these small and insignificant things in life. Somehow things got too busy, and never got a time to relax, sit and write them down. Also, at times, the situation was not favorable or I was just not at peace to express myself.

I am not done yet. Have a few more of these; they are ready in my mind, just have to type my thoughts.

I like to see the blog exactly the way I thought it would be. I like each and every word precisely the way it originally came to my mind.

I want to express myself, I want to let my thoughts come out of my brain. I want to hit that avalanche of thoughts and sail through them.

It feels good to do that.

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