Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A story of emotions, trust and faith....

Got a shock last week when I heard about this story.... It disturbed me somewhere, even though it was nothing to do with me personally. I normally don’t get emotional.... But, this news was completely unexpected for me.... It shook me up totally. Especially because I thought I knew Andy, Bryan, and Tina very well.

It goes something like this:

Andy and Bryan (both guys) are very good friends for more than a year. Andy is kind of emotional, hard working, worthy of a commitment and innocent... someone who blindly trusts others. Bryan is still immature, believes in living life to the fullest, likes to play pranks on people, doesn't take life very seriously, and someone who you normally think twice before taking seriously. I happened to know Andy & Bryan equally well.

A few days back, Tina came into picture. Tina is stunningly beautiful, absolutely adorable, and very attractive girl; with innocent looks and deep eyes; but still not a mature woman for her age.

Andy, Bryan, and Tina became very good friends. To start with, it was all fun and nothing special.

As time passed by, Andy started spending a lot of time with Tina ... first as colleagues and then their friendship grew. They started interacting more with each other, and became very good and close friends. After a while, they started spending a lot of time together and seemed to be very comfortable with each others' company.

Slowly, Andy started liking Tina. But he was not sure if Tina has same feelings about him, as she did not talk of longer commitment at any point of time. But still Andy thought that Tina would be his best partner for life, as they shared so many things in common. Now Andy was in love with Tina. But still he wanted more time to formally open his mind. Since Andy thought Tina wasn’t involved with anyone else, he could afford to take some more time.

Meanwhile, during casual discussions, Andy declared amongst his close friends that he likes and loves Tina. Bryan was there as well. Bryan being a funny guy, took Andy's case too much and eventually everyone started teasing Andy with Tina.... Bryan played a big part in spreading the news.

Came Valentine's Day....

Andy thought that this was the best opportunity to propose Tina. He prepared himself for that.... and with a bit of hesitation, asked Tina if she likes him.

Here comes a twist in story:

Tina casually answered that she’s seeing Bryan since past 3 months, and they are planning to get serious about their relationship. And on top of that Tina said that she does not like Andy as such, and is comfortable with him only as a friend.

This was a big shock for Andy; his best friends had back-stabbed him. These were two people two people he trusted the most. Bryan and Tina purposefully played with Andy's emotions, used him and then just trashed him when he was of no more use.

After hearing this story from Andy, and another version from Tina, I was in a state of shock. All of a sudden, I felt as if I was loosing faith in love and humanity. Till this date, I am not able to understand:

1: Why did Tina not tell Andy earlier that she was dating Bryan, when she knew that Andy was interested in her ?

2: Why did Bryan play with Andy's emotions, when he knew what was happening?

3: How would Andy feel after being cheated by two of his close friends?

4: Should I trust Bryan and Tina anymore?

5: What did Bryan and Tina get after all this?

6: Does faith exist in today's world?

7: On what basis should one trust a human being?.... Are we so materialistic that we can play with anyone as we please to?

8: Can this love be true love?... What's the point in loving someone at an expense of someone else's life?

9: Do people really care about others these days?

This was very baffling for me. Especially the way Bryan and Tina turned their cold shoulders towards Andy after playing with him. Both Tina and Bryan are still good friends of mine... but I will think twice before trusting them.


I sincerely hope Andy gets over this soon, and starts a normal life.

This hurts... a lot.



Sagar said...

no one can be trusted!

and probably this is true for almost everyone.

u had asked me, why i dont trust anyone...

now u know why.

Anonymous said...

hmmm good stuff there raut.... how can you trust someone??? well go by your instincts...

you never know when a person needs to be told the truth and when not.... just because you took a decision that you should not tell a person what he/she thought that you should have told him ... do you become non-trustworthy?? (is there a word like non-trustworthy?)

anyway... that was a good one and i am confused too... happened to me recetly when a friend thought that i was spreading rumors about her when in reality i was making a joke of it... am i non-trustworthy???

people have different perspectives on any topic.... one man's meat is always another's poison so what do we do??? stop trusting the whole world??? then what do we have to look foward to in life??

Anonymous said...

Or is it that you liked Tina too but lost her to Bryan....Don't cry my friend...Jo jeeta wohi Sikandar aur jo haara wo bandar....

Linda Zhang said...

wow, that is tough. yeah that is pretty cruel. ouch. bryan's an ass and tina is a b$*&CH, end of story. ha ha ha, just kidding. very interesting post.

well did tina know that andy liked her in the beginning? she probably didn't know and was completely oblivious to his hidden feelings.

bryan, being the funny guy he is, probably felt his heart miss a beat when andy 'casually mentioned to his friends' that he liked tina. i am sure bryan still considered himself a friend. he probably felt really bad for his friend since HE had been seeing the girl he was interested in. so, to cover up the situation, he turned the whole thing into a joke.

so finally when andy approaches tina about the subject, she answers honestly that she had been seeing bryan for three months. but she probably isn't the type of person who will 'announce to the world' that she and bryan are seeing each other, especially when they aren't quite that serious yet.

poor andy. tough for him.

that's how i break down the situation. yeah it sucks. bryan could have handled the situation better, but i guess its just his immaturity that made him panic and cover up the case by making it into a joke.

but its tough i guess. i dont think it necessarily makes bryan and tina the most evil people in the world. its just sucks for andy.