Sunday, August 01, 2004

Addicted to orkut

Man I can't believe I actually spent more than 16 hours on orkut this weekend. Never did so much of hard work during exams also!!!

Agar maukaa mile to Dsouza aur Bhulawala ko tapkana hai ( cant write this in English as when I did that last time, this site blocked me for using a threatening language!!!). They introduced me to this orkut stuff. I ignored it first, but then Nikhil and Asawari also added me. I had a look at this stuff and liked it.

I got to know about many of my friends in junior college as well as engineering whom I knew well at that time but had lost touch with them since past 4-5 years. It was very nice to know about their current status. Orkut is very nice in that aspect... you get to know what one is doing in life, if you know that chap. In fact, some communities and a few testimonials written for some of my friends are really interesting.

Orkut is addictive. Believe me, it is. I have sent invitation to 180 odd people, and yet my best friends are yet to be invited. Lots of stuff to do...

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