Wednesday, August 11, 2004

One of those days...:(

Why does it happen that a day justs start off at a pretty good note and then the entire day goes well; and sometimes you know by yourself that its not going to be your day. Why does the start of the day have so much of an effect on our mind?...

Today seems to be something like that... I just want to be within myself. Feeling very gloomy and dull. Dont want to talk with anyone. Dont know why. I could not sleep last nite... I dont know why. Not that something is bothering me... in fact nowadays I am enjoying my life as much as I can... I can for once say that I am happy.

I was so happy yesterday... and day before...

I had my graduation on saturday. Never thought that it would turn out to be such a nice day. I had never felt so happy and content in my life so far... Then came sunday, which I spent reading a few books. Monday and tuesday went off well as well. I am acting ( not again!!!!) in this CISA welcome party skit. These small things keep me smiling. Not that I am doing something great, but I always used to enjoy being on stage. I remembered my school days. I guess our AID skit was pretty good. At least we all performers enjoyed doing it. We ourselves laughed a lot during that one week of practice and I bet this one is going to be better than the last one.

I want to enjoy my life... but at the same time cant afford to give too much of time to my other interests.... have my future to worry abt and given my luck history, i need to work hard towards it.

Why does it always happen like that? Dont know whats going to happen. Hope I get back to normal soon.

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