Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Research on Roaches

Well well well... we have plenty of opportunity of a great case study here. Roaches are integral part of our apartments. They share our food and they are a very good source of proteins for us. They are very loyal and will never leave our apartment in any case. However.....

However, I have some questions about roaches; please help me in solving these mysteries:

1: why a cockroach doesn’t die in microwave?

2: are they vegetarians or non-vegetarians?

3: where do they go in daytime?

4: what do they do when we don’t cook for a couple of days?

5: how can they eat all podis (south Indian spices), but not red chilly powder?

6: how to mass kill them?

7: do they eat only from one apartment or travel from one apt. to another?

8: what is their reproduction rate?

I haven’t yet found answers to these Qs.

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