Monday, August 02, 2004

A conversation...

Today afternoon, I was sitting with Gati and a few others outside the Fernows street cafe. I know Gati fairly well, so there was no need of introduction etc. Here are the excerpts:

1: Topic of discussion: Environmental Engineering... how easy/difficult the coursework is...

Vivek: So Gati, whats your background?
Gati: tables, trees and street!!!

2: I was trying to log in using my university ID on someone else's laptop, and was unable to do so... I tried to use a different server, named as CU.ROOT.B:

Vivek: yaar....kucch jam nahi raha hai... its not letting me log in.
Gati: Arre you have misspelled the server name... It should be RAUT ( my last name) and not root.

3: Topic of discussion: Laptops... how good/bad they are.... I was going to tell a funny incident.

Vivek: Agar kisika CD chal nahi raha hai to wo kya karega??
Gati: Elevator lega ya fir jump karega!!!!

I am still not sure if that was meant to be funny or she just said it like that. But noone had expected that.

Thanks Gati for making me laugh though.

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