Friday, August 06, 2004

I am graduating...

Tomorrow is my graduation day.... I came to Clemson 2 years back with a few dreams in my mind and tomorrow one of them will come into reality. I am very excited about it. I guess it will be thrilling to walk on the podium with graduation gown and then to receive my degree from the president Barker.

Its a wierd feeling of sorts. Sometimes I feel... what have I done to celebrate this occasion?... afterall its part of life... I mean if you complete all your coursework and research, you will get your degree... whats so special about it..I mean.. why should I celebrate it?.. .. So far, for me, its just another day... somehow I am not yet feeling the graduation blues.

However I am looking forth for August 7th. Just because I am seeing everyone else so excited. I want to be a part of their happiness, and I want to share my happiness with my friends. You know, sometimes you feel great just to make others happy. I will see some of my friends after really a long time , so that will be nice. Am going for lunch with Dr. Jim and Joyce and then for dinner with Madhuri and her parents... lots of food.. I am happy and all geared up.. am skipping my dinner so that I can eat more :D

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