Wednesday, August 11, 2004

dreams dreams

It has been my dream since past few years. Dont laugh at it. I want to be a part of the Lonely Planet (I guess its now known as Global Trekkers) crew.

I used to see a lot of Discovery and National Geogrophic back in India. My those days were full of treks and stuff like that. There was this program called Lonely Planet, which used to be telecast on Discovery everyday, and they used to show different cities, regions and countries every day (lateron, they started a new show called Travellers). I never skipped that program. I still remember, one of the anchors was Ian Wright and there was one more, I guess her name was Shilpa Mehta... They used to present that program pretty well. I always wanted to do something like that in my life... just roam around... travel, travel and travel. (read Ian Wright's interview here:

How fascinating it would be to just keep travelling all over the world thru-out my life. I guess I would be really happy if I can do that. Sometimes, I feel like leaving everything behind and just setting off... just going places without bothering about anything (If anyone can sponsor my trips, then that would be great). And when I start thinking about it, I forget everything else and keep thinking about it like a maniac, for hours and days.

Dreams, dreams and dreams... I know they dont come true... but if God grants me one wish, then I will ask him to bring my this dream into a reality. I wont ask for anything else.

Will it come true?... or will it not??.... I guess not, but I still am hopeful about doing something like that in life. Who knows, one day might do it as well.... Who knows... I dont... Do you?

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Ram said...

You have to act on ur dream Vivek. It will surely not happen if u sit and wait for it to happen.

Go and shake the world...