Sunday, August 15, 2004

end of summer trek

Went to a triple trek this sunday with apna clemson gang. chk out the pics:

Covered lower whitewater falls, turtleback falls and rainbow falls. I am going to turtleback and rainbow falls for 3rd time now. I guess I am in love with that place.... such a beautiful place, and its close to clemson also. When I go there, I forget all my worries, problems, and i get that smile of mine back on my face.

I dont know why rainbow falls mystifies me so much. but i go to a different world when i go to the base of the falls. when i see water pouring down in front of me from 200 feets.... spraying water droplets all over the place... its thrilling. everytime i go there, i try to go as close to the falls as possible...its very challenging. there comes a point where the droplets hit you so hard that you cant move an inch... wind is extremely strong, the sound is deafening, water hits you hard, you cant see for nuts, and you cant move. man... it doesnt get much better than that. when I go beneath the falls, there is a stragne mixure of emotions in my mind... there is a feeling of doing something great in life and at the same time, when i look gallons of water pouring down in front of my eyes, i sense the challenge coming up in my life... the challenge of mere surviving.

i will surely recommend you to go there if you are around clemson... at least once... to experience the thrill. this is definitely the best place i have been to after coming here in Clemson.

And dsouza and pal refuse to mature ( chk this pic: and piyush keeps behaving like a teenager.... it was laugh riot all day. Just an example:

We had stopped at Subway to grab a sub. That guy asked Piyush if it was here or to go.... god knows what Piyush heard, but he answered "here you go".

All in all... had some adventure, a lot of fun, some excellent food and 11 great people as company.

God, I hope, I am not asking for too much, if I ask for such treks every now and then. Am I?

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