Sunday, August 22, 2004

Twin falls trek

Who says South Carolina is not beautiful????.... Think twice before you say something like that!!!. Go to Twin falls if you want to see sheer beauty of South Carolina.

I never expected that this tiny hike will be so beautiful. Sudhir, Aarthi, Arvind and Maghna were planning to somewhere this weekend. Arvind asked me if I want to join them ( I am very greedy when it comes to trekking... so I also happened to join them). I thought it wont be such a bad idea to go to twin falls this time as I had heard that this place is close by and is a good place for an outing, even though it looks very innocuous.

Pickens county, the entire scenic SC.11 highway is like a paradise. Its like a dream coming true, for someone who always dreams to be close to nature. The entire area is lush green, very refreshing and very picturesque. Its beautiful.

Twin falls is an easy hike into the Eastatoe Creek Gorge. The hike itself is a very pleasant trip through the woods. And when you see the falls first time, you sense the kind of excitement that you are going to experience in a next few moments. Twin falls just invite you towards themselves. And you start walking towards water. But beware, rocks are extremely slippery!!! and you never know when you might fall on your face or butt. Sudhir was nicely demonstrating various methods and ways to fall down, he did it 3 times ( Do ask Sudhir about the experience, if you see him next time). Otherwise, this place is very nice. We could go right to the base of the bigger fall and managed to put our heads right underneath water falling from over 70 feet. It was free back kneading :D. When you see gallons of water pouring on your head from 70-80 feet; its fun, isnt it!!!

On the way back, there is a small pond when one can swim. Water is very clear and not that deep also ( I cant swim for nuts, still I managed to survive). All in all, it was a very nice hike.

And just to make it a perfect day, we had exquisite indian dinner at India Palace.

Who says Clemson is boring??

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